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4 Social Media Trends to Prepare for in 2019

Social media keeps growing and growing and will keep surprising us as it is has become a part of our life and work and it is undeniable that it has become a huge part of today’s modern society.

In today’s world, 92% of teenagers are online every day, 2.1 billion people have social media accounts and 47% of all internet users are on Facebook.

Social media advertising has changed the way brands are perceived. There are more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook pages, out of which 4 million advertise their business via Facebook ads.

Social media is growing and changing its users’ lives and how businesses function. And because it is a constant part of today, let’s see what are the social media trends for 2019 and start prepping.

  1. Live video

There is no surprise here, video continues to dominate social media platforms. People look after authentic, real life, live content. Live streaming certain moments and events is what we are looking for. These videos keep the followers engaged and involved in what is happening right now. They give them the possibility to interact live while at an event or at a contest draw and Facebook live offers exactly this. Let’s not forget about Instagram Stories as Instagram becomes more and more popular, especially among teenagers.

  1. Personalized content

Delivering content that is irrelevant is inefficient and annoying. Personalization is hot and in the digital world of today it is a critical point when it comes to drawing the attention of consumers. Companies now have the possibility to target specific audiences with social media advertising. Social media platforms come with analytics tools and specific features that lets them better understand their target and deliver their content in a targeted manner. A critical step for any marketer is to understand their audience, to know who they are communicating with and the content their audience wants to consume. Take good care when you are approaching your consumer, as you don’t want to go over board and scare them by being creepy and knowing too much about them. Take it step by step.

  1. Social Media Messaging

No surprise here either: social media messaging apps have a huge popularity and brands have started using the chat boxes in their interaction with their customers. Instant communication, real-time responses and feedback is needed. Also, instant messaging makes the customer’s experience more personal as the business communicates one on one with the customer. This is the future of customer service.

  1. Video content

For the past 2 years we have been reminded about the importance of video, of how it engages better than any type of content, of how it is the future of online brand promotion and about how you need to integrate it in your marketing plan. And all of this was and still is true. Video content is popular and it is going to stay popular. Video generates engagement, more people comments, likes and shares and the reporting features of the social media channels show you in real time how your video content is performing. Creating this type of content, integrating it in the brand’s online marketing strategy is one of the most important social media trends to prepare for in 2018.

Staying ahead of the trends is mandatory. Social media is and will continue to be a huge channel for brands to promote and advertise their services and products. As 2018 is just around the corner, take advantage of the time left to prepare and seize all the opportunities to be ready and connect with your target audience in the best possible manner.

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