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Getting Started with Content Marketing

If you are planning to incorporate content marketing in your marketing plan, you need to know where and how to start. The beginning is always the crucial part of marketing. It’s never easy to start, but you have to. Building content for audience is going to stay in the world of internet marketing forever and you have to create content by thinking about people, about how they can benefit from your words. Let’s see now what are the most important tips when talking about content marketing:

Make sure your content is really focused on your target audience. In order to convert your visitors into customers, you need to address the right target. Having a too much broad audience, you may not have the expected results.

Know your goals. Knowing why and what you want to accomplish is crucial. Ask yourself why you want to produce content, what is your goal: increased exposure, more clients, improve your rankings, awareness, build an email list, etc. Set some firm, clear goals and asses how you content is going to get you there. Make clear WHO you are addressing to, WHAT you want to deliver, HOW are they going to benefit from it. Be specific!

Create a content schedule and stick to it. Plan ahead and it will keep you motivated. A schedule is helpful and super important.

Address human needs. B2B content should elevate the product or service to the human needs of your audience. Content is different than link building, you have to think more about your audience and less about your rankings. You are addressing people before search engines.

Only publish your very best material. Publish the best possible content. Don’t just deliver content because you have to. It’s better to publish good content just every 2 weeks than publishing something mediocre daily because this is your target. Set the quality bar high.

Back up your arguments with data. In today’s world, users are no longer inclined to believe everything they are presented and trust is something hard to come by, so back the information you present with data to become more trustworthy.

Make your content answer questions. If you have ever asked a question on Google, you have surely seen Google Featured Snippet. If you manage to have your content answer a complex question and be featured in the Google Featured Snippet, you have the chance beside creating awareness, to be considered an expert in that certain field.

Repurpose your content. If a piece of content performs great and you have good feedback on that, why not repurpose it? Put it in a newsletter as well, upload it on your blog, or add more materials and turn them into a guide or an eBook.

Find the right platforms and influencers. The place where you publish your content is crucial. Also, who interacts with your content is crucial as well. Engage with other blogs and influencers, subscribe to their mailing list, comment on their blogs and facilitate a relation with them.

Use images and videos in your content. Hold your reader’s attention and let them easily understand the message you send. Add high quality media to your content. Keep your users interested and offer them quality content.

Evaluate the success with data. Evaluate the performance of your content with analytics and find out what the results of your efforts are. You need to know what are the results of you content marketing strategy. This will help you improve, adjust and get better and better.

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