6 reasons to have a blog for your business

6 reasons why your company needs to have a blog

Yes, blogging is still relevant. Yes. your business website should have a blog. Yes, you should get started right now. Today, even more than ever your company needs to have a blog. As the competition is fiercer than ever and you need to get your head out of the crowd, you must plan your content strategy and stick to it.

Think of your business blog as a problem solver. Apart from the fact that new and relevant content will drive traffic to your website and increase your SEO efforts, it will help you develop better relationships with your customers and answer their questions. Let’s see now what the main reasons are why you should start your company blog right now.

Position your brand as an industry leader

High quality content shows your company as an industry leader. Writing about things that are of importance to your target audience, things that demonstrate your knowledge as well as educational content makes you an authority in the field.

Create content that solves problems

Build trust and educate your audience. The more you can show that you are well-versed in your field, the more likely your consumer will trust you to supply what they need. Your customers will be happy to be learning from you.

Convert traffic into leads

Your blog will bring additional traffic to your website and it’s up to you to convert that traffic into leads. You can add a call to action section in your blog page and invite your readers either to subscribe to your newsletter, either to be provided with a free downloadable product such as a whitepaper, eBook or statistic. And when you’ll have a list of emails of your target audience, it’s time for email marketing.

Create opportunities for sharing

Each post that you publish on your blog represents an opportunity for your audience to share your blog with others. Be it links, tweets or emails, this is a great opportunity to be presented as a trustful business.

Increase your website’s online “footprint” 

Establish your company as a reputable source in the field. Such a reputation attracts attention from online publications and social media, exposing a business to future customers and business partners.

Humanize your brand

Blogging gives your business the opportunity to address different concerns that interest your readers and, at the same time sharing what you and your employees are passionate about. The company blog allows you to share your own voice and personality, building up trust and increasing your brand’s likeability.


Blogging is a great initiative that you can take for your company. It requires minimal effort and investment and the outcome can be extraordinary. It helps you foster the relationships with your current and potential customers, and this is an opportunity no business should pass on.

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