What is Agile Marketing and what are its Benefits?

What is Agile Marketing and what are its Benefits?

Another sexy buzzword in the world of marketing is “agile marketing”. So, what does it stand for? Agile marketing refers to the process of building a flexible, focused and responsive marketing organization. The term “Agile” has been borrowed from the world of design and software development, where a team of developers set different objectives over a certain amount of time. Afterwards, each team member focuses on those objectives. Periodic reviews are done to gauge certain metrics. 

Agile marketing follows mostly the same process in the field of content and advertising. Certain marketing projects, like ad campaigns, landing page testing are subdivided into tasks in a planning phase. Next, the tasks are carried out. Finally, the team, in the so-called sprints, reviews and improves their tasks based on lessons learned in the previous stage.

In execution, agile marketing promotes the responsiveness, transparency and adaptability of all marketing functions.

Let’s see now what the main benefits of agile marketing are:


Agile marketing allows management, sales and development see what marketing is working on and allows them to provide their input. Transparency is also linked to the marketing team’s interaction with customers. Agile marketing encourages marketing to engage closely with customers. The essence of agile marketing is fundamentally transparent, and all members of the team can see what’s happening. There is no secret to anyone.

Rapid iterations over big campaigns

Agile Marketing’s approach is an interactive one. It starts with a small strategy which has as main lines what could work and ways to test it. Afterwards it’s time to measure the results and to document the learning.


Measurement and accountability are some of the key values of agile marketing. Measuring the results is a mandatory step in agile marketing and teams always do this in order to know what works. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is crucial for any marketing project.

Ability to adapt to change

The word “agile” in agile marketing refers to the ability to quickly adapt to change. This ability is made possible both by setting aside a portion of the marketing resources anticipating the inevitable changes, and by the brief nature of sprints. Each new sprint planning meeting represents an opportunity to adjust the focus of marketing and to respond to changing marketing conditions.

Increase Productivity

Because agile marketing is fully transparent regarding each person’s roles and activities with it, it can also increase the productivity of team members.

Adapt to change

Things change all the time. What works today, probably in 2 months will no longer work. We know that Google is changing its PageRank algorithm and we just have to adapt. Whatever the change is, we need to be able to adapt to that change quickly and accurately.  Agile marketing allows us to make sure that happens.

Consistent Growth

Using data-backed strategies and increasing the effort of what works creates predictable results. Revenue, traffic and other metrics can be forecast accurately as opposed to the risk of a broad marketing campaign.


Agile marketing does indeed work and produces excellent results, as it promotes a more collaborative, more responsive way to execute and manage marketing initiatives in this dynamic, digital age.

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